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This is a really useful lamp. Compact and lightweight, it turns on with just a light tap on the top so you are never left fumbling for a switch in the dark. Additional taps let you toggle the light through the low, medium and high settings (23, 55 and 100 lumens) or turn the lamp off. On the high setting, it emits more than enough light to read by or brightly illuminate a table top. After four hours of continuous use, it automatically shuts off.

The lamp stands about 8" tall with a stable 4" diameter base, and features a metal housing with a brushed nickel finish. Its 23 LEDs are set behind a tough, partially frosted polycarbonate lens for diffuse lighting. The lamp will run for up to 180 hours on the low setting and up to 40 hours on the high setting, using three C batteries you supply. It should not be left out in the elements.

A good light for the campsite or just sitting with friends on the patio, it also makes an excellent bedside lamp. Highly recommended.

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