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A popular outdoor game from Finland, Mölkky is a points-based game that involves both chance and skill. Fast to learn and fun to play, the game begins with twelve wooden pins (skittles) placed close together in a set formation.

Players stand back 12' and throw the Mölkky to try to knock over the pins. The tricky part is hitting the specific pins you need to win. Knocking over a single pin gives that player the number of points (1 to 12) marked on the pin. If two or more pins are downed the player is awarded a single point for each pin knocked over (e.g., four pins, four points). After a throw, the knocked-over pins are placed upright where they fell – and so your game plan must be constantly revised as the pins are rearranged. The first player to score precisely 50 points wins!

Everything you need in order to play, including the rules and a booklet for keeping score, is included in the wooden carrying crate. A great excuse for groups or family members of all ages to get outside and play together.

Made in Finland.

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