Accessibility Statement


In response to a request for an improved door wedge, we developed this model for travellers visiting areas where hotel security and key control are often inadequate. It is a solid wedge of aluminum with a hardened steel adjustment and anti-slip screw.

To use it, you just slide the wedge under the door and elevate it with the screw until the door is solidly wedged. Anyone attempting entry causes the door to wedge tighter in the frame while the pointed screw keeps the wedge from shifting. The screw can be used with concrete subfloors as well as the traditional carpet-covered subfloors.

It does not damage carpeting unless there is an attempted forced entry; it then penetrates the subfloor as the pressure on the wedge increases. But then, which would you prefer, a dent in the subfloor or an unwanted visitor? The lever handle gives you substantial mechanical advantage, making it easy to turn the screw.

It takes less than a minute to install or remove. For hotel rooms with a flimsy lock or chain safety restraint, the traveller’s doorstop substantially increases peace of mind. It weighs only 7 oz and comes in a compact (1" × 1" × 7") carrying case.

Made in Canada.

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