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This set helps you make plant-based milks at a fraction of the cost of the commercial varieties found in stores, with no additives or preservatives.

Used in conjunction with an immersion blender (not included), it makes up to one litre of milk at a time. The set includes a glass pitcher, a filter made of durable plastic and stainless steel, a wooden pestle, three straining discs and a bamboo lid.

The interchangeable straining discs and filtering are what set this apart from other systems on the market, allowing you to make the milk to your desired thickness. The first disc has no perforations, causing the milk to strain only through the mesh sides of the filter, resulting in an ultra-fine or thin milk. The second disc has fine perforations (300µm) to produce a creamier milk, and the third disc has larger perforations (500µm) for producing a thick and creamy milk.

To use, simply fill the glass pitcher with the required amount of water, insert the filter with your preferred disc and add your ingredients. Use your immersion blender to make a pulp of the ingredients, then press down with the pestle to strain. Remove the filter and store the milk in the fridge.

Includes a detailed digital recipe book (accessible by QR code) with over 70 recipes for a variety of grain, nut and plant milks, coffee mixes, tea, vegan yogurt and cheese, smoothies, horchata, and even baked goods made with discarded pulp.

All parts except the lid and pestle are dishwasher safe.

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