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These are very good knife sharpeners. Appreciated by home and professional chefs alike for their quality and convenience, they are dead simple to operate – you simply draw a blade through each of the guide slots in sequence to quickly renew the edge.

The guide slots automatically position the blade at the correct angle, while fine diamond discs shape the bevels and flexible polishing discs hone the blade. For a blade with a few nicks, the entire sharpening process takes about a minute; touching up an edge takes only a few seconds.

All models accommodate double or single bevel knives (including serrated blades) and can also be used with most camp and hunting knives.

Model 320 is designed to sharpen knives at a 20° bevel angle, the standard for most knives made in Europe or North America. Model 315 sharpens knives with the 15° bevel angle typical of Asian-style knives. It can also be used to convert thin-bladed European or North American knives to a 15° bevel angle. For those who have a mix of Asian and North American/ European knives, model 1520 has guides set at both 15° and 20° bevel angles.

Offering a reliable way to achieve consistent results, all are well made for years of service. ETL listed for Canada and USA.

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