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For joining two pieces of stock at 90°, this corner clamp holds both parts firmly while aligning them squarely to one another. It has a single Acme-threaded steel screw with a quick-release mechanism, so you can quickly snug up on your work, and floating jaws that can skew off-axis to hold parts of different thicknesses.

For corner joints, it can hold two pieces of matching stock up to 4" thick; for pieces of unequal thickness, it accommodates stock up to about 7" in combined thickness. Openings in the fixed jaw permit access to the outside corner of the joint for setting dowels, driving fasteners or cleaning up glue squeeze-out, or to accommodate stock up to 2 7/16" thick when making T-joints.

The sturdy die-cast jaw bodies have a durable finish that won’t mar your work. Made in Germany.

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