Accessibility Statement


Test fitting a project together can sometimes require a second or third set of hands. Our assembly clamps are ideal for dry assembly of panel goods such as cabinet or shelving carcasses or for drawers and boxes.

Although called clamps, they do not exert much force; they are essentially jigs to position the parts during assembly. Made from tough, glass-filled nylon, the two-part clamp closes one-handed with a ratchet mechanism to hold panels at right angles to each other.

The clamps can accommodate material from 3/8" to 3/4" thick, as well as two panels with a thickness difference of as much as 1/4". The corners are relieved so the joint remains visible, allowing the workpieces to be accurately aligned and fastened in position without having to remove the clamp. Once the parts have been permanently fastened, the jigs can be easily removed and reused.

Overall size is 4" × 3" × 1 5/8". Sold in pairs.


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