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These are outstanding parallel jaw clamps. Not only do they provide all the usual advantages of this style of clamp, but they also address a common frustration – jaw slippage. No matter how you jostle or move them, their anti-slip mechanism prevents the jaw from sliding and striking the workpiece (or worse, your hand!).

You can be confident that they will hold the jaw openings you set between dry assembly and glue-up so you won't have to fumble to adjust the clamp and hold the work in alignment at the same time.

Major adjustments are easily and rapidly made; tilting the handle releases the mechanism and it automatically re-engages when you release the handle. Another noteworthy feature is the ability to pivot the handle 90° to either side for better leverage, or to make it easier to operate when the handle is close to a surface. The handles are ergonomically molded, with bands of a high-friction material for grip.

The parallel-jaw design maintains the squareness of the object being clamped, and the large jaw area (2" wide by 5 3/4" long with a throat depth of 3 3/4") distributes force, eliminating fiber crushing. The size of the jaws also lets you use fewer clamps for a job (an entire drawer back can be done with one clamp) and allows you to clamp material parallel to the flat of the bar, helpful for large, flat pieces.

The steel jaws are encased in non-marring and glue-resistant plastic, and two protective pads elevate the rail away from squeeze-out. An end stop helps stabilize the clamp and can be detached to reverse the moving jaw for spreading.

The clamps can exert up to 710kg (1565 lb) of force.

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