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This is a simple, practical knife with a rather unusual background.

Once a staple of the French Foreign Legion, it has been made in Thiers, France, since the 1920s. Seemingly incongruous with its European origin, the etched handle depicts the striking image of a figure from Polynesian myth.

The sorcerer or "Douk-Douk," whose image is said to bring good luck, was added to boost the knife's appeal for export to the former French colonies, where it remains in widespread use to this day.

It has a 3 1/2" long blade made of hardened high-carbon steel, carefully ground using water-cooled wheels and polished to a mirror finish. It is so well finished that in some North African countries it has even been adopted as a straight razor. The formed handle has a ferro-blacked finish and a loop for a lanyard (not included).

Measures 8" when open, 4 3/8" closed. Well made and tough, it makes a great utility knife for a toolbox or kitchen drawer, with a slim profile that lets it slip easily into a pocket.

Due to steady demand for this knife in other parts of the world, it is difficult to obtain in North America, so our supply is limited.

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