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Founded in 1825, Edward Preston & Sons, Ltd. produced some of the finest tools of the Victorian age.

Their No. 1602 engineer's spirit level was designed for levelling woodworking and metalworking machines; its vial was mounted using knurled screws and nuts to allow the user to correct the reading in case of misalignment.

At just 4 5/16" long, it is well suited for precision work, and also makes a convenient (and accurate) pocket level.

Like the Preston original, our close replica is made of solid brass, but where the original had a glass vial ours uses impact-resistant plastic.

Since it is calibrated in our shop for an accurate reading, you won't need to worry about adjusting the vial unless you accidentally knock it off your bench. Supplied in a French-fitted leatherette presentation case, it makes an excellent gift as well as a useful precision tool.

Made in Canada.

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