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Like the traditional drawing aids they are modelled after, our French curves serve as templates to draw various curved lines, but are specifically made with woodworking applications in mind.

The set includes three small templates for design and three large ones for building. For designing at the 1:4 scale commonly used in the workshop, each large template is four times the size of its smaller counterpart. This means you can first draw the curve on paper using a small template, then use the large template to transfer the same curve onto your stock at full scale. To help you start and end your line at exactly the same point on both templates, matching patterns of holes placed in the same relative locations on the two templates serve as reference points, helping ensure that the line you draw with the large template corresponds precisely with the line you drew with the small one.

All are CNC-routed from 3mm thick Baltic birch plywood, making the small templates rigid enough for design on paper, while the larger ones flex slightly to conform to contoured workpieces. Made in Canada.

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