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Drawing large-diameter curves of a constant radius can be challenging, but drawing more graceful elliptical curves can be downright daunting. Unless you are an octopus, it is impossible to hold a thin strip of wood on edge, bow it and hold it steady and to the desired curvature, while tracing its shape onto your workpiece.

The Lee Valley symmetric drawing bow solves this problem. The bow itself is a strong, but incredibly flexible, 1/8" × 1" × 4' long strip of glass-reinforced plastic. The integral nylon strap has an easily adjusted buckle that can be used to set the curvature you want and hold it. The torsional stiffness of the bow resists deformation as you trace the shape.

Unlike our regular drawing bow, our asymmetric drawing bow lets you draw an asymmetric arc- a useful design element when making profiles for arm rests, chair legs, and back rests. The bow tapers in thickness from 1/8" to 1/16" over its length, so when bent it forms a curve of continually changing radius. It works like a ship's curve. The 4' × 1" strip of glass-reinforced plastic has an adjustable nylon strap and buckle so the bow can be bent and held in the desired configuration. 

Both are useful tools for furniture makers. Made in Canada.

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