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If you spend time outdoors during tick season, this reliable multi-tool is good to have in your pocket. It includes two components for responding quickly to a tick bite on people or pets.

The sturdy plastic tick remover lets you snag the insect and detach it from the skin, and has a built-in 3X magnifier so you can inspect the bite area to ensure the tick has been entirely removed.

The multi-tool also has a corkscrew, tweezers, a sewing awl, a punch/reamer, a bottle opener with an integral wire bender and #3 slot screwdriver, and a 3" blade made of 440 stainless steel (hardened to Rc57). Similar to other multi-tool blades with an integrated safety lock system, this version locks in the open position, but what sets it apart is the nearly invisible release mechanism located under the cross symbol on the handle. Simply pressing the symbol lets you release the lock so you can easily and safely close the blade.

A soft-grip thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) coating on the contoured handle makes it easy to hold, even with wet or greasy hands. Usable left or right handed, the tool folds to 3 3/4" long and weighs 4 oz.

Made in Switzerland.

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