Accessibility Statement


A replica of a tool first made in the 1870s, the strange design has many positive features. The handle is offset 1" from the flush-seating jaws, allowing it to function well in cramped areas as well as on flat surfaces.

More significant is the snake-shaped part of the handle that permits very fine control of the jaws. With your thumb in the concave part of the snake, you can open and close them with your thumb, a feature that makes it easy to be precise in all uses.

The tip can be used for removing unwanted blobs of solder or for pulling brads, small nails, upholstery tacks, etc., because you have fine control of the gripping pressure on the jaws.

The internal jaw notches can be used for holding, tightening or loosening nuts and bolts up to 3/8" in diameter. The butt of the main body is strengthened to allow light tapping with a hammer when necessary to seat the jaws with minimal damage to the wood.

Designed for right-handed users, it can be used left-handed but at reduced utility.

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