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The German firm NWS (Nöthen Werkzeuge Solingen) makes tools that are widely recognized in Europe for exceptional quality, innovation and performance. We have combined several of the most popular NWS insulated (1000V) electrician's tools in three sets at a saving compared to buying the individual components at our regular prices.

The basic set includes the 9 3/4" side cutters, the straight combination pliers and the straight needle-nose pliers. Save 15%.

The toolbox set expands on that selection by adding the 8 1/4" cable cutters and the slip-joint pliers. Save 15%.

The nine-piece master set includes all five tools previously listed plus the 8 1/4" high-leverage side cutters, the offset combination pliers, the offset needle-nose pliers and the wire strippers. Save 17%.

Intended for use by electricians, these tools are certified to comply with the North American, European and international standards for 1000VAC/1500VDC insulated tools and are marked accordingly with the "double triangle" symbol of ASTM F1505, VDE and the "1000V" designation of IEC 60900.

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