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The German firm NWS (Nöthen Werkzeuge Solingen) makes tools that are widely recognized in Europe for exceptional quality, innovation and performance.

Useful for detail work, these pliers have slender 2 7/8" long jaws divided into five zones, each suited to a different range of tasks. Starting at the tips, the toothed jaw section provides good grip, followed by smooth jaw surfaces useful for bending material with reduced risk of marring. The jaws taper to 3/16" and open to 3 1/4".

A small gap in the middle of the jaws (sometimes called a "burner hole") has toothed sidewalls for a firm bite on round materials. Next to the hinge, the robust side-cutter has induction-hardened, double-bevelled edges capable of cutting wire or small nails and screws. The jaw recess opposite the side-cutter has a pattern of points and flats to engage nuts or bolts from 3/8" to 3/4".

The pliers are 8" long, with straight jaws or with offset tips that provide leverage for prying or clearance when working flush to a surface. Both styles have broad three-component grips that create a balance of cushioning for comfort, texture for control and rigidity for support.

Intended for use by electricians, these tools are certified to comply with the North American, European and international standards for 1000VAC/1500VDC insulated tools and are marked accordingly with the “double triangle” symbol of ASTM F1505, VDE and the “1000V” designation of IEC 60900.

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