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Whether you’re making a cabinet, frame, box, or any other square-cornered construction, assembling the parts for glue-up is a crucial step, where even small errors tend to compound themselves, creating big problems in the finished piece.

These simple, well-made corner brackets are real problem solvers, helping ensure good results with minimal fuss. Placed at opposite corners of your assembly, they keep adjoining parts square to one another so you can focus entirely on positioning the clamps. They also help prevent parts from shifting while the glue sets, eliminating another source of error.

Made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon, they are strong, rigid and accurately square to within 0.002" over the length of each arm (a tolerance comparable to most woodworking squares). Brackets range from 1/2" to 15/16" thick, providing good registration against the work and a reliable surface to seat clamps on, with relieved inside and outside corners to avoid contact with glue squeeze-out and to reduce the risk of damaging the corners of your work when clamped.

An economical, effective solution with a wide range of common applications, they are available in 3", 4" and 6" sizes.

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