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Simplifying hinge installation in cabinets and boxes, this template makes it easy to get an exact fit every time.

Designed to work with a template guided router, it lets you quickly waste material from the hinge gain. The result is a clean, precisely sized mortise that requires no trimming other than to square the corners with a chisel.

The template has a 4 1/2" × 7 1/2" acrylic plate that registers against one surface of the workpiece and a 9 3/4" long pine fence that registers against the perpendicular surface to ensure accurate positioning. Accommodating hinge leaves from 1/2" to 2" long and from 1/4" to 1" wide, it has an adjustable opening that butts against the edges of each hinge, setting the dimensions by direct reference, so any size variations between individual pieces of hardware won’t result in errors in your finished work.

The template has a 1/16" offset, so it should be used with a template guide that has an outside diameter 1/8" larger than the bit (e.g., a 3/8" guide with a 1/4" bit).

Made in Canada.

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