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Made in Sweden from sturdy, high-quality components, the Tormek water-cooled sharpening system has a well-deserved reputation for versatility, accuracy and ease of use. Its precise jig-guided control allows even a novice to consistently yield proper edge geometry on a wide range of household and woodworking tools.

The double-ended arbor carries two wheels – a 220x aluminum oxide grindstone and a leather stropping wheel charged with compound. Grinding on the stone followed by stropping creates a toothed edge suitable for shears, cutlery, axes or utility chisels. For a refined edge, using the included stone grader converts the grindstone’s surface to a fine texture comparable to 1000x; subsequent stropping produces a mirror finish.

The powerful, professional-grade T-8 machine has ample torque to maintain constant speed under full load, important when grinding jointer/planer blades and high-speed steel tools, which require the user to apply greater force. Rated for continuous use, its 115V motor runs at 90 rpm and has a stainless-steel arbor to resist rust. It has ABS side panels and a substantial cast-zinc housing to dampen vibration and give the jigs rigid support. A magnet built into the removable water trough gathers metal debris for easy disposal.

Includes a 250mm dia. by 50mm wide (10" × 2") grindstone and a 220mm dia. by 31mm wide (8 5/8" × 1 1/4") leather wheel, as well as a diamond-tipped wheel-truing tool, a square-edge jig, a gauge for measuring and setting bevel angles, a stone grader and a 70g tube of 3-micron honing compound. A 164-page manual provides complete instructions for sharpening an array of tools, as well as maintenance advice and other tips. The 7-year warranty also covers commercial use.

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