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These are no ordinary scratch pads. The paper is whiter, more opaque, and 27% heavier than the usual stock. There are inch graduations along the left-hand side and across the bottom. The dotted lines on the pad are 1/4" apart and the dots are 1/16" apart, making it easy to do scale drawings without pulling out a drafting set. The back of the pad is several times heavier than normal, making the pad usable on the job site without a clipboard. The combination of features makes this more of a tool than a scratch pad.

The 3 1/2" × 6" scratch pad is just the right size to fit in an apron pocket or in the trough of a workbench, or just to keep near the phone for notes. Sold in packs of five pads, 50 sheets to a pad.

The two sizes of the larger pads have metric graduations on the right-hand side. The 8 1/2" × 11" pad is available with 48 or 96 sheets. (the 96-sheet pad is about 1/2" thick). The 11" × 17" pad has 48 sheets.

Made in Canada.

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