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Our 2002 GF glue is a polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive with superior gap-filling characteristics due to its high solids content (45%).

Its high viscosity (6000 cps) reduces joint starving and virtually eliminates staining. Any squeeze-out remains on the surface, allowing it to be fully removed (best done with a cabinet scraper once partially cured), avoiding any problems when a finish is applied later.

When dry, its light brown color is hidden at joint seams, yet is easy to spot should any excess get elsewhere. With an open time of 15 to 20 minutes and a clamping time of 30 to 90 minutes (depending upon application), it can be worked after 4 hours. After 24 hours it reaches its full strength, which is in excess of the strength of the strongest wood in shear, sugar maple.

An excellent formulation, 2002 GF will become your favorite all-around glue. The three smaller sizes come in squeeze bottles with applicator tips.

Made in Canada.

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