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These mats help protect work surfaces from drips and splatters when gluing up, applying finishes or pouring epoxy.

Made from durable fiberglass mesh and silicone, they won’t stretch, tear or bunch up in use and have excellent grip – they stay where you place them and also help keep your project steady as you work. Clean-up is quick; any dried glue or finish peels off easily, or you can rinse and wipe down the mat if the glue or finish is still wet.

Available in three sizes, the small size being a particularly good choice to capture glue drops under a joint on larger-scale work. The small mat, supplied as a package of four, is 7 7/8" square. The medium mat is 11" × 15" and comes as a package of two. The large mat is 15 3/4" × 23 5/8".

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