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Any tomato lover will appreciate this book. Not only does it provide detailed, in-depth information on growing tomatoes, it gives profiles of heirloom and hybrid varieties – perfect for anyone looking to go beyond the commonly available types.

For 33 favorite varieties, the author gives a description of their flavor and growth habits, as well as their origins and the stories behind their names, which include such colorful entries as “Lucky Cross” and “Mortgage Lifter”. He even throws in a few recipes and preparation suggestions.

Chapters provide the history and anatomy of the modern tomato, how to plan and plant your garden, growing, maintenance and care, harvesting, preserving seeds and creating your own hybrids. Regional growing tips, Q&A and troubleshooting sections help you solve common garden problems. The range of information and detail of this book make it a comprehensive guide for tomato growing.

Softcover, 8 1/2" x 11", 255 pages, 2015.

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