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These 15 projects use the natural forms of branches and sticks to create unique, appealing crafts. Besides the slingshot and hooks mentioned in the title, the book shows you how to make a range of other practical and fun items, such as a clothes hanger, a long-handled brush, and a cup-and-ball game – all while preserving the “live edge” of the original branch.

It gives an overview of the tools required, how to responsibly harvest and forage wood, and considerations when working with unseasoned lumber. Each has detailed instructions and step-by-step photographs; in many of the projects, all that is needed is a few saw cuts and some work with a drill or a tenon cutter to turn scrap wood into a useful hand-crafted item.

An excellent way to make highly individual everyday objects from sustainably sourced wood. Softcover, 7 1/2" × 9", 144 pages, 2018.

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