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Before the days of lumber yards, people had to go into the woods to source their own materials. Woodsman Ben Law takes you back in time and teaches you how to build a variety of items, from selecting the tree and felling it to the finished product.

Law starts with an in-depth directory of trees, which will help you identify the species and fully understand their characteristics and individual uses. He also covers both traditional and modern woodland tools and devices. Each project features detailed instructions, photos and illustrations to guide you through the process to completion.

Throughout the book, Law provides tips, advice and fascinating information about the history and tradition of woodland craft. He describes projects for all skill levels, from simple woven panels to a spoon shaped from a log, a barstool, and the more advanced construction of a yurt.

A great addition to the library of any woodworker or crafter interested in traditional green woodworking. Softcover, 9" × 8", 216 pages, 2017.

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