Accessibility Statement


Our stainless-steel spades have ergonomically designed tubular steel handles with a molded plastic cover and comfortable handgrips. The stainless-steel heads are durable, non-rusting and scour well. They are ideal if you tend to leave your tools out in the rain (or snow!).

The smaller border spade is suited to digging in and around borders, transplanting perennials, mixing in soil amendments and digging in close quarters. It measures 44" long, has a 9" × 5 1/2" head and weighs 5 lb 4 oz.

The digging spade is ideal for all heavy digging jobs, ground preparation and harvesting. It measures 45" long, has an 11 1/2" × 7" head and weighs 6 lb 2 oz.

Both spades have treads to protect your footwear and make life easy for your arches.

These spades are so strong that you can apply 150 lb of force at the end of the handle and be confident it will not break. However, they are not designed to be indestructible, so we do not recommend them for uprooting saplings or removing boulders.

The border spade and digging spade are also available in sets with a matching garden fork.

We guarantee these tools fully and will replace any that fail you in use.

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