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In our tests, these portable LED units completely exceeded our expectations for simple, inexpensive task lighting.

Compact and lightweight, they have a highly adaptable mounting system, so it’s easy to position the light for hands-free use almost anywhere. You can use the spring-clamp base to clip it onto the edge of a counter, shelf or panel up to about 1 3/8" thick. The clamp has a steel spring to exert a firm hold, while toothed pivoting jaws accommodate angled or irregular surfaces. You can also detach the clamp, exposing a strong rare-earth magnet to mount the light on any ferrous surface horizontally, vertically or overhead.

A double-ended swivel mechanism permits a wide range of movement to aim the light exactly where you need it. Unlike other lights we’ve tried, it stays in position once set, so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to readjust it. Sold in pairs, the lights can be aimed independently from two angles to avoid casting shadows onto your work.

We also found them surprisingly bright. On the high (500 lumen) setting, the wide-angle beam illuminates a large area with white, evenly diffused light.

The pair of lights comes with a recharging station that connects to a standard USB port (cable included), so provided you return them after each use, you’ll always know where to find them. Each light has a built-in 2000mAh lithium-ion battery that recharges in about 3 hours and runs for up to 2 hours at full brightness or up to 5 hours on low (they also have a red flash setting). The water-resistant ABS housing (IP rating 44) is made from tough ABS plastic, so it stands up to plenty of hard use.

Not just for use in a workshop or garage, they serve as excellent backup lighting all around the house during power outages. A clever, practical design with far greater utility than the no-frills appearance might suggest.

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