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Fast-acting bar clamps can deal with 90% of the clamping jobs around the shop; these medium-duty clamps have a classic design with a few improvements that stand out from other clamps on the market.

The steel bar has a profile similar to an I-beam, increasing its rigidity and resistance to twisting forces. The bar is serrated on both edges, with three facets on each side to increase the gripping area for the movable jaw. For complete assurance that the moving jaw won’t slip, you can tighten a set screw to lock it in place on the bar. The synthetic handle won’t loosen in changing humidity and has rubber sections that allow a good grip. To prevent the jaws from marring your work, they come with removable plastic pads.

Made with tough malleable cast-iron jaws and an Acme-cut screw, these clamps can apply up to 1000 lb of clamping force. They have a 4 1/2" jaw depth and a 1 1/4" face width, with a 3/8" thick by 1 3/16" wide bar.

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