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Ideal for casework and glue-ups, these light-duty clamps have many of the same advantages found on K Body REVO clamps: a large clamping surface area, well-distributed clamping force, parallel clamping ability and a reversible head.

The steel jaws are shrouded with a non-marring and glue-resistant high-impact plastic measuring 1 1/4" wide by 4 3/8" long with a 3 1/8" throat capacity. Because the clamping surfaces are parallel, they apply consistent pressure over the entire face of the jaw, making the jaws less likely to crush wood fibers. The end stop on the steel bar helps stabilize the clamp in use and is detachable to allow reversal of the screw jaw for spreading.

Well made, the clamps exert a maximum of 330 lb of force. Size given is the maximum clamping capacity.

Made in Germany.


Weights of Bessey UniKlamp

6" Clamp: 1.4 lb

12" Clamp: 1.6 lb

24" Clamp: 2 lb

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