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This set of economically priced digital gauges is a worthwhile addition to any workshop. Precise and versatile, the measuring tools are useful for a range of woodworking tasks, from setting up and calibrating a table saw or other power tools to accurately setting jigs. Each operates in two measurement modes, displays easy-to-read numerals on an LCD screen, and has an auto shut-off to conserve battery power.

The digital height gauge is ideal for setting blade height or bit projection and can also be used horizontally, such as when positioning a router table or drill press fence. It converts among millimetres, decimal inches and fractional inches at the touch of a button. The gauge operates in absolute or incremental modes with an 80mm measuring range and a resolution of 0.05mm (accurate to 0.1mm).

As well, the readout and scale unit can be removed from the base and mounted to a shop-built jig with double-sided tape or with #1 or #2 screws. A removable depth-gauge needle is supplied to let you measure recesses up to 50mm (2") below the level of the feet. 75mm (3") capacity. Magnets embedded in the feet allow hands-free use on ferrous machine tables. CR2032 battery included.

The compact digital level box simplifies cutting accurate bevels and miters, and setting precise angles on jigs. To measure the relative angle between two surfaces, simply place the box on the first surface, zero the display to calibrate it, then move it to the second surface.

In absolute measurement mode (ABS), it is calibrated to read absolute angles, so it can also measure level and plumb. Resolution of 0.1° (accurate to ±0.2°). A magnet on the base holds the box securely to any ferrous surface. AAA battery included.

Excellent utility in two workshop essentials at one great price.

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