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These 12", 18" and 24" capacity dovetail jigs from Leigh are versatile, easy to adjust, and quick to use.

Like the D4R Pro jig, they produce through, half-blind, and sliding dovetail joints. In contrast with the D4R Pro, the design of the side stops also allows you to make box joints (with 5/16" and 5/8" fingers) and saves time when routing half-blind joints because the pin and tail boards are machined concurrently.

The eccentric guide bushing (E-Bush) simplifies fitting these joints by quickly and precisely changing the relationship between the cutter and finger assembly.

Made largely from extruded aluminum, these jigs have sturdy cam locks and non-marring clamping surfaces.

They cut 8° through dovetails in stock from 1/8" to 13/16" thick, as well as half-blind and sliding dovetails in material up to 1" thick. Spacing of pins and tails is completely variable; however, pin width depends on the diameter of the cutter. Built-in scales allow rapid and precise adjustment for material thickness and fine-tuning of through-dovetail fit.

The finger assembly flips to change from through to half-blind mode, automatically orienting the scale correctly.

Includes everything required to get started using a 1/2" router: 1/2" × 8° and 1/2" × 14° dovetail cutters and a 5/16" × 1" straight cutter (all 8mm shanks), a 1/2" to 8mm collet reducer, an eccentric guide bushing, a fully illustrated manual, and an instructional DVD.

Each jig is packaged with a vacuum and router support (VRS). Essentially an aluminum channel with a sliding vacuum pick-up, this attachment works with any router to effectively capture dust and support the area of the base plate that overhangs the finger assembly.

The router rests on the channel and is positioned between two wire control arms that guide the dust chute below, keeping the chute aligned with the cutter as it traverses the jig.

Fits vacuum hoses from 1" to 2 1/2". Easily attached without modification to the jig using the included hardware, this is an effective solution to a notoriously tricky dust-collection situation.

Made in Canada.

Not available for shipment to Québec.

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