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Robustly constructed, these are good general-purpose vises. Their Acme-threaded screws apply substantial clamping force, while their hardened steel jaw liners have deeply incised hatch patterns to prevent slippage.

To allow best access to the work, each has a base that swivels 140° and locking screws hold the desired position. Each also has a flat anvil for forming (or re-forming) metal parts and a lead screw shielded to keep debris out of the threads. Their bodies are cast iron with a powder-coat finish to inhibit corrosion.

The small model has 5/8" deep jaws with a maximum opening of 4". Weighing just under 10 lb, it stands 5" tall by 11" long and its anvil measures 1 1/2" square.

At 24 lb, the heavy-duty version has greater capacity to dampen vibration. It measures 6 1/2" tall by 13" long and has 3/4" deep jaws that open to 5", as well as a 3 1/4" square anvil.

Each mounts with three bolts (not included), 1/4" in diameter for the smaller vise and 3/8" for the heavy-duty model.

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