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Weighing just under 30 lb, this articulating metalworking vise has significant mass to dampen vibration. Made of cast iron with a powder-coat finish to inhibit corrosion, it has a substantial Acme-threaded screw that applies considerable clamping force.

To orient your work for best access, both the base and head rotate 360° and have locking screws to hold their position. In addition, the rotating head lets you select from three jaw types.

On one side of the head, the 5" wide jaws have 3/4" deep hardened steel faces with deeply incised hatch patterns for a reliable grip.

The opposite side of the head has stepped pipe jaws (2 1/2" diameter capacity) as well as 2 1/2" wide jaws with V-shaped hardened steel liners. The vise also has a 2 1/2" × 3 1/8" flat anvil for forming (or re-forming) metal parts.

It stands 9" tall by 16" long and has a maximum opening of 5". Mounts with four 3/8" diameter bolts (not included).

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