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In this practical guide, Klein draws from his in-depth knowledge of period furniture-making to show you centuries-old joinery methods that are adaptable for woodworking projects today.

More than a how-to manual of joinery, the book provides a glimpse into early craftsmen’s practical approach to using hand tools and techniques – aiming for precise work on show faces and spending less time on refinements that would not be seen. Klein leads you step-by-step through crafting square and round mortises and tenons, half-blind and through dovetails, dadoes, and nailed rabbets, and for each joint, explains how individual steps relate to the finished piece and why tools are used in a specific way for best results.

The text is filled with anecdotes, commentary and expert advice, and is fully illustrated with hundreds of color photos. Designed with lay-flat binding so you can place it on your workbench for a reference while you practise the techniques.

A must-read for anyone who wants to learn joinery fundamentals or broaden their existing skills, regardless of their level of woodworking experience.

Smyth-sewn softcover, 7" × 9 1/2", 176 pages, 2020.

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